Minds Before Market Share: The Art of Public Relations

"Beautifully written...'Minds before market share.' A great conceptual idea."
Al Ries, Co-Author, The Origin of Brands

"I really enjoyed [MINDS BEFORE MARKET SHARE]."
Brig. Gen. Thomas Draude, USMC-Ret.

"[MINDS BEFORE MARKET SHARE] makes a great case for the power of good PR."
Stewart A. Schuster, Managing Director, Novus Ventures and former EVP, Marketing, Sybase, Inc.

"Pollard correctly views public relations as a behavioral science that can boost sales and build market share."
Suzanne FitzGerald, Ph.D., APR, Fellow PRSA
Chair, Public Relations/Advertising
Rowan University

"Wayne Pollard has broken the PR code in a compelling, modern day version of Sun Tzu - adding science to the art of public relations. His PR doctrine is irrefutable."
Harvey S. Hendler, Managing Partner, KappaEast

"Sound and concise insights on how to interact with the media. If members of the media are ignoring your pitches, review Pollard’s take on media relations. He captures the reporter’s perspective perfectly and offers PR a better way to understand and benefit from the oftentimes misunderstood relationship between the media and PR."
Lee Copeland, Editor-in-Chief, CDW Corp.

"PR executives should heed Pollard's advice on dealing with the media. His insights on trust, selfishness and preparation are key to forging solid relationships with reporters."
Kerry Massaro, Editor-in-Chief, Advanced Trading

"I highly recommend [MINDS BEFORE MARKET SHARE] to marketing professionals and to all senior executives, especially CEOs, that have any impact on corporate strategic planning."
Mark E. Woodsum, Founder and CEO, The Foreside Company

"[Minds Before Market Share] simply helps to find ones way back to a common sense approach to designing and building your PR strategy."
David L. Flood, President, Somerset Medical Center Foundation

"I’m going to use [MINDS BEFORE MARKET SHARE] as our PR playbook.... It made so much sense that it is hard for me to believe that everyone doesn’t see PR as [Pollard] describes it."
Gordon J. Bridge, President and CEO, CM IT Solutions™

"Pollard’s book is a no bullshit treatise on public relations."
Gil Zweig, President, Glenbrook Technologies

"MINDS BEFORE MARKET SHARE: The Art of Public Relations,” is a thought provoking look at the value of PR in increasing marketplace visibility that will lead to increased sales. The book … could be compared to the ‘Cliffs Notes’ of public relations."
William J. Casey, Vice President, SI Production and Assembly Systems (AMEX, PTG)

"I fully agree with MINDS BEFORE MARKET SHARE. As Pollard asserts, modest but intelligent investments in public relations can result in a market perception that can give you an advantage when trying to close deals."
Ted Yarnell, President, T. Yarnell & Associates and 30-year veteran and pioneer of the enterprise software industry

"A truly thought provoking book that opens the readers minds to question how they approach creating their Identity Value for capturing 'mindshare' within their market."
William J. Adams Jr., Founder/CEO, WhiteSpace inc.